How Can the Ciudad Juarez Consulate Help You?

application for a visa

If you are someone who is looking to get more information on getting visa and you happen to live in Mexico, there is a site where you can get all the information that you need. This site is reliable and perfect for those who want to apply for visa for overseas travel, specifically to the United States of America.

It is quite important that you get the correct information with regard to visa application, and your source should be able to provide you with every thing that you need to know. The last thing you need is someone to falsely promise you that they will get you a visa, and end up running away with your hard-earned money.

In this article, we will be discussing the different types of information that you will be able to find in the website of the Ciudad Juarez Consulate. It is a government owned site, so you do not have to worry about it being a scam at least. All of the information you will read on the website are 100% correct, trustworthy and reliable.

If you have more questions, you can easily contact them directly. Their contact details are posted on their website, so they can easily answer queries and clarify data.

What You Will Find in Their Website

On their official site, they discuss current news, and what changes might be occurring with regard to visa application or anything that’s related to the process of acquiring one. This way, you will be updated prior to pushing through with your application; this spares you the hassle of having to come back because you don’t have the updated list of requirements or because the procedure has changed.
Due to having to apply for visa in order to step into the United States of America, most of the forms and information in the site are directed towards that and the people who are looking for more information on that particular topic.

Therefore, prior to processing your visa application, it is a wise move to visit the Ciudad Juarez Consulate’s website first, as it will be able to answer a ton of your questions and provide you with the information that you need in case you want to get in touch with their staff.

Why Visit Ciudad Juarez?

Monument to Benito Juarez

If you would like to go on a vacation this year to a place you have never been before, a place that should be at the top of your list is Ciudad Juarez. Located in Mexico, this city is on the Rio Grande, south of El Paso Texas.

Ciudad Juarez is actually a very large city, with a population of nearly 3,000,000 people. It is a place many people visit every year because of the many things that you can do at this location. It has been a popular tourist destination for people from different nations.

What You Should Know About Ciudad Juarez

There are a few things you should know about this city before you go. The first thing that you should be aware of is the hot temperature. Due to its proximity to the Chihuahuan Desert, the climate is unusually hot. Although it does average below 100 ºF, and the temperatures during the winter are quite mild, this is what motivates people to come during the seasons of spring and fall.

The city itself is very beautiful, and the economy consists of primarily working-class people. It has a public transportation system for those who would prefer not to rent a car. You should also know that homicide incidents are quite high in the city, and cartels are operating in the area. Despite this, it is a great place to visit from time to time, as crime seems to be getting under control. This should not hold you back from experiencing the Mexican culture to a high degree.

Activities in Ciudad Juarez Mexico

One reason why people go to the city is that the nightlife can be very fun. It allows you to meet new people in an atmosphere that is very different from the place where they’re originally from and the various vacation spots that they’ve already been to. Ciudad Juarez is home to some beautiful deserts, which can be quite lovely in the morning and at night.

Finally, Ciudad Juarez is know for its rich culture and history, that is why, there are lots of museums and historical places to visit to have a glimpse of how things and people were.

If you’ve always wanted to pay Mexico a visit, then Ciudad Juarez won’t disappoint a traveller like you. This brief overview of what the city is all about, and the things that you can do once you get there, should at least motivate you to visit one time to experience Mexican culture in a city that has preserved its heritage despite its proximity to the United States. There are lots of fun-filled activities that you can try and amazing places that you can visit in Ciudad Juarez, all you have to do now is to be there.

Three Great Places to Visit in Mexico

There are a great many spectacular sites, delicious flavours and friendly people waiting to be explored, sampled and enjoyed in Mexico. But the first question many of us ask ourselves is whether it is safe to travel to Mexico. This of course depends on where you go.

You may have heard and read many negative news stories about the country such as drug-related violence in the north of Mexico but this only affects a small part of this beautiful country. The majority of Mexico is very peaceful, allowing visitors to explore all the important historical and cultural treasures this country has to offer in perfect safety. It is important to remember that tourists are a major form of income so are pretty well protected by the heavily armed Mexican military and police force.

Here are three of the safest and most fascinating destinations in Mexico in terms of culture and historic attractions.

  • Guanajuato

Guanajato City, Mexico

Out in the laurel-covered hills a few hours north of Mexico city is a quaint little town full of colonial buildings, beautiful parks and a perfect subtropical climate. Guanajuato is famous for its importance in the Mexican mining industry in colonial times as well as for its fascinating display of mummies from the local crypts.

The most famous feature of Guanajuato is the world famous Cervantino Festival which boasts a cultural gathering of artists and performers from across the globe. Visitors should plan to visit during the month of October to be there during the Cervantino Festival.

  • Merida

Merida, Mexico city square

Merida is the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatan and is full of museums and art galleries. It’s also one of the oldest cities in Mexico and a destination that has many local attractions to keep the most adventurous of visitors occupied for days if not weeks. Planning a visit to Merida should include a trip to the many historic ruins, geographical marvels, and wonders of the ancient world.

The area is best to visit at the weekend when traffic to the entire city centre is cordoned off to allow pedestrians and horses to return the city to its golden age around a century ago. In the evening there is a plethora of delicacies from across Mexico to be tasted and the Mexican form of folk music Mariachis to set the mood.

  • Oaxaca

Oaxaca City, Mexico

In the south east region of Mexico is the perfect destination for the delicate palate, the history enthusiast and the thrill seeker. The city of Oaxaca is surrounded by canyons, rivers and jungles for those interested in extreme sports and within the city are culinary delicacies that will satisfy and delight. Many visitors to Oaxaca say that the all essential qualities to be found across this country can be found here.

Oaxaca offers visitors an exciting night life, delicious food, historical sites all wrapped up in a beautiful colonial city full of charming friendly locals.

There are an abundance of visitor-friendly locations in Mexico. As a long term resident of Mexico the above three are my recommendations for a first time visitor as well as someone who has been here before and is wondering if there is something else to explore. The three locations mentioned above are sure to keep any visitor happy and entertained during their trip to Mexico.

Top Destinations in Mexico

Mexico is one of the most exciting places to visit with its historic sites, vibrant culture, beautiful beaches and delicious food. Of course, not all of Mexico is great and there are places that are more tourist-friendly than others. Here are some destination ideas for those considering visiting this beautiful country.

* Guadalajara

As one of Mexico’s biggest metropolitan areas, it has all the draws of the urban getaway; diverse dining and lodging, a good amount of museums and cultural sites, along with a buzzing night life. Both the Mariachi, the Mexican form of folk music and tequila claim their roots in this area so you can expect a fun-filled cultural experience.

* Playa del Carmen

One of the top dive locations on the planet, Playa del Carmen is well known for its vibrant ocean and underwater caverns that can only be described as dazzling. On dry land, Playa is a hip and modern incarnation of its old fishing village self. Visitors can meet the playful spider apes in the Jungle Place Sanctuary, explore the traditional ruins of the Coba Mayan Village, or enjoy a spot of people watching while you shop and stroll along Fifth Avenue.

* Mexico City

Rising in the ruins of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan, Mexico City provides a unique collision of modern city and historical destination. In this part of Mexico, you will find an abundance of museums, restaurants and parks riding on the shoulders of countless of cultures before it. The night life, the shopping and also the history make it a must-see when visiting Mexico.

* Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a popular place for visitors who simply want to relax on their trip. There are a number of beaches to enjoy, the waters are peaceful in the Playa del Amor and Ocean of Cortez and the waves are kicking in Zipper, a surfing paradise. If you want to mix with the locals, head toward the coves and rock formations found at the Cannery beaches. But if you have kids, they may enjoy spotting whales or going for a camel ride at the Natural Park Reserve.

* Zihuatanejo

While resorts are popping up everywhere, Zihua is steadfast in maintaining its small-town appeal. It has a brick-paved “fisherman’s walk,” a tribute to the area’s seafaring roots, which stretches across the town centre. Since the night life is informal, Zihua is especially attractive to couples and individuals seeking a getaway from the loud seaside DJ parties.

* Tulum

This former walled city is the last city that the Mayans built. The Mayan ruins in Tulum tower over the ocean and their archaeological remains are well-preserved. Go to El Castillo and visit the temples there, explore a subterranean river within a canopy of stalactites in the sacred caverns of LabnaHa Eco Park, or snorkel into Cenote Dos Ojos.

* Oaxaca

Vibrant and easy going Oaxaca offers the very best of southern Mexico charm, pairing the lively fiestas and entertainment with great cuisine and different cultural points of interest. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Oaxaca hosts the astounding Macedonio Alcala Theater.